Visit to the North River Restoration Project in Colrain, MA

Following several design iterations and four-plus years of permitting review, ecological restoration of the East Branch North River along the Dornbusch/Standish and Cromack parcels in Colrain, MA was completed in November 2020.   The restoration was undertaken as described in the East Branch North River Restoration Project, Dornbusch and Cromack Parcels, Colrain, Franklin County, Massachusetts plan set developed by Field Geology Services and approved by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection on August 4, 2020.  The restoration consisted of five parts: 1) stabilization of 1,150 linear feet eroding stream banks by construction of three sections of wood buttress, 2) establishment and/or enhancement of 2.1 acres of forested and herbaceous riparian buffer habitat, including invasive species treatment and removal, 3) relocation of 325 linear feet of farm road away from the stream bank, 4) removal of two failing tributary culverts and replacing one crossing with the construction of a stabilized stream ford, and 5) restoration and stabilization of the lower reach of the tributary just above its confluence with the East Branch North River.

This project is unique in Massachusetts, and uses nature-based design and flow deflection principles to enhance the instream and riparian habitat while protecting agricultural resources.  We hope you can join us for this event, which is hosted by the Franklin Land Trust, Trout Unlimited, Connecticut River Conservancy, and Nicolas Miller of Field Geology Services.